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Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program

The holidays can be a stressful time and for some individuals can even lead to increased anxiety and depression. Community member Jonathan Baylon of Nashville will be offering an 8-week program on overcoming depression in January. The cost of the program will be to pay for supplies. Baylon says even if you don’t have depression, the information can be good to help identify symptoms in others.

A free orientation class will be offered on January 8th in Nashville at the First United Methodist Church from 7 to 9 p.m.


Are you or your loved ones suffering from depression or chronic anxiety? There is hope! The Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program offers solutions! Not only will you learn how to identify depression and anxiety and their causes, you will also enhance your energy levels, sleep quality, mood, relationships and emotional intelligence. This comprehensive program provides positive thinking techniques, nutritional education and much more to increase brain function, manage stress, live above loss and achieve peak mental performance. Get your life back or learn how to help a loved one get their life back!  This is not medical therapy but a community based health education program. There are no drugs involved and we do not recommend you discontinue your prescribed medication. However, after the program is completed, participants typically feel better to a point that they will want to go back to their physician to re-evaluate their personal medical treatment.

Length of program:
1 – introductory meeting and registration
8 – meetings lasting 2 hours (Monday only)

Returning Participants – Free for lifetime.
New participants – $205 includes :
Evaluation test before and after completion of program ($100 value)
Depression, the Way Out textbook
Supporting books literature
Classical music CD
Food samples