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Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement officer Hempstead County

Incident Report
At approximately 1943 hours on 12/24/17 Sgt. Jim Bush was dispatched to 206 Columbus Street in reference to a suspicious person. Dispatch advised that the caller reported that the subject in a white Mercury Mountaineer pulled up to the front of the residence, then began going through someone’s trash in the area, and then left. The caller then called back and reported that he pulled up and exited the vehicle and came onto their property. They stated that the white male then got back into the SUV and began driving down Little River Street.
Upon arrival in the area, Sgt. Bush made contact with the caller Tony Kruger. Tony advised Sgt. Bush that when the subject got out of the vehicle he approached him and threatened him.  Kruger stated that he then got back in his vehicle and drove down Little River Street. Kruger pointed him out parked at the Fulton Post Office at 303 Little River Street.
Sgt. Bush drove to where the suspect later identified as Joshua Schmeltzer age 31 of Newark Ohio was and observed him messing with some trash. Sgt. Bush exited his patrol vehicle The Suspect began reaching towards his pocket. Bush ordered the suspect not to reach in his pockets, the suspect continued to reach for his pockets again, Sgt. Bush again ordered the suspect and the suspect complied. Sgt. Bush asked the suspect to face his patrol vehicle and advised the suspect that he was going to pat him down for weapons since he kept reaching for his pockets. Sgt. Bush did not locate any weapons.  
Sgt. Bush noticed that suspect was sweating and it was around 35 degrees Fahrenheit outside at the time Bush made contact with him. This in addition to his abnormal behavior lead Sgt. Bush to believe that he was under the influence of narcotics.  Sgt. Bush asked him what he was doing and he said that god told him to stop here and he was picking up trash. He then turned and stated that he had somewhere to be and attempted to walk away. Sgt. Bush advised him that he still needed to speak with him and to stop. He continued to attempt to walk away Sgt. Bush  then took control of his left arm and told him to place his hands behind his back.
He refused to comply and at first passively resisted by not letting me get his other hand behind his back. Bush then ordered him again to place his other hand behind his back he refused and pulled away Bush then attempted to take him down to the ground and in doing so; Bush fell at the same time as the suspect landed on his right side. The Suspect was able to get back up to his knees and Bush pushed him back to the ground this time with him on his back. Bush pinned him to the ground and attempted to call for back up but was unable to get out on his portable radio. During this time, he attempted to push me off him causing a scratch on the left side of Sgt. Bush’s’ face. Bush was able to get him on his stomach and Summoned the callers who were parked in their truck at the end of the road.  
Sgt. Bush got control of Joshua’s right wrist and was able to get a handcuff on. Tony Kruger, John Pettit, and David Akin then assisted me in getting control of the other hand and getting it cuffed. Sgt Bush then double locked the cuffs and checked for proper fit. I also searched Joshua. I then placed him into my patrol unit with his hands cuffed behind him and placed a seatbelt on him.
Sgt. Bush began an impound log and had dispatch get the next wrecker on rotation in route.  While getting the impound log from my truck Joshua complained that it was hot, in an attempt to keep the suspect calm Sgt. Bush turned the air conditioner on. Bush then went back to doing the inventory for the impound log. During this time, Sgt. Bush heard the passenger side door of my patrol unit come open and observed the suspect now with the cuffs in front of him walking towards me. Sgt. Bush took the suspect by the arm and then walked him back to the patrol unit. Sgt. Bush ordered him to get in and he refused Sgt. Bush assisted the suspect into the truck. Before Sgt. Bush could get back to the other side of the truck to figure out why door didn’t lock The suspect opened it and began to run away from Sgt. Bush towards the other side of the road.
Sgt. Bush pursued the suspect on foot as he turned heading back towards his vehicle which still had the key in it and was still running and Sgt. Bush Deployed his department issued X-26 Taser with both prongs going into his jacket near his right shoulder. The Suspect made it into the driver’s seat of the vehicle. He was reaching for the shifter as Sgt. Bush reached in and turned the key off. The suspect then bit the middle of Sgt. Bush’s left forearm. Sgt. Bush deployed his taser   and then pulled him from the vehicle and placed him face down on the street. Sgt. Bush held The suspect   and had Jim West with West Wrecker call 911 to get a couple Hope Police Officers in route.
 Officer Justin Dean, Cpl. Scott Hurd, and Officer Jose Camacho of the Hope Police Department responded. Upon their arrival, Sgt. Bush had them assist me and removing the handcuffs and placing them behind his back again. Sgt. Bush then requested that Officer Camacho transport the suspect to the Hempstead County Detention Center.  
Sgt. Bush finished the Impound log and turned the vehicle over to West Wrecker.
Sgt. Bush suffered a Bite mark on his left forearm, and scratches to his face.         
The Suspect Joshua SCHMELZER age 31, of Newark Ohio was booked for Battery 2nd degree on a law enforcement officer, Aggravated Assault on a law enforcement officer, Escape 3rd Degree, Fleeing, Resisting Arrest, and Terroristic Threatening.