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Four States Cattle Conference to focus on pasture and herd health

Fast Facts: • 5th annual Four States Cattle Conference scheduled for Dec. 14 • $45 for individuals; $70 for couples • Register morning of conference TEXARKANA, Texas – Even for old cowhands, each new year brings new challenges in the cattle market. The fifth annual Four States Cattle Conference will …

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Dear Pike County Agent- November 6

Dear County Agent Terrell Davis, ANR Agent Q: Your recent newsletter says I shouldn’t unroll my hay bales because it wastes too much hay. But I have more waste in a ring than I do unrolling. A: I have had several calls questioning my recommendation to place hay in a …

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Stockpiling Forages Extends Grazing Season

8/24/2017 Terrell Davis, ANR Agent, Pike County CES Livestock producers have been amazed at the amount of precipitation this summer. The typical late summer drought doesn’t seem to be a concern this year. However, it is always wise to keep a reserve of hay and silage for those years when …

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Master Gardener Training

A statewide Arkansas Master Gardener Training Session via Zoom has been scheduled on Wednesdays, beginning October 18th and ending November 15th. The cost of the training will be $75 which covers the book and training supplies. Additional individual county fees may apply. Do not enclose money with the application, the …

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Vultures Becoming a Problem for Cattle Farmers

United States Congressman Rick Crawford is working to help Arkansas cattle farmers who have been dealing with vulture attacks.  He says these birds are not migratory, however cannot be killed unless with a valid permit.  “If your in the cattle business in Arkansas, you are dealing with this.  These birds …

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Watch Garden for Tomato Hornworms

Time to start watching the garden for tomato hornworms. Just one can defoliate a small plant overnight. Learn more by checking out the U of A Extension Service publication FSA6017 – Home Gardening Series: Tomatoes here – https://www.uaex.edu/publications/PDF/FSA-6017.pdf

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Boozman and Cotton Join Colleagues to Push for Market Access for American Poultry

WASHINGTON—Arkansas’s U.S. Senators John Boozman and Tom Cotton joined a bipartisan effort to encourage the administration to break down unfair trade barriers and improve market access for American poultry farmers, processors and exporters while it renegotiates the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). In a letter to U.S. Trade Representative …

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Hungry fall armyworms laying early siege to rice and pastures

PERRYVILLE, Ark. – They’re called fall armyworms, but this year, they’re not even waiting for summer to bring their appetites to Arkansas’ lawns, pastures and rice fields.   Monday evening Kevin Lawson, Perry County extension staff chair for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, noted hungry little caterpillars …

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