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Dear Pike County Agent- April 10

Q: Is it too late to spray my fruit trees?

A: My kids say that if I say maybe, that means no. So I will say yes and no. Fruit spray schedules should start with the green tip stage for a types of fruit trees. This is the stage right before they bloom. Some critters like to chill out on the bloom and setup residence in the fruit as it is being formed. You never realize he has been there until you pick the fruit and cut it open. Others wait a little while a bore holes in the fruit. Therefore, a good option for most home orchards is a general Fruit Tree Spray. These sprays often contain Captan, Malathion, and Carbaryl. They can be sprayed from green tip until right before harvest. Mix up what you will spray at one time and don’t hold it over until the next week’s spray time. It will lose its effectiveness. For more information, look for the Small Fruit Spray Schedule or FSA7503 at uaex.edu or contact your local cooperative extension office.


Terrell A. Davis

Pike County Extension Service, Staff Chair

PO Box 297

100 Court St. Suite A

Murfreesboro, AR 71958