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Dear Pike County Extension Agent March 10

Q: What should I use to spray my plum tree and when should I do it?

A: Home orchards are a very popular addition to many homeowners. Not only do you get to enjoy fresh grown fruits, they also add value to your home. A common call in late spring concerns fruits dropping early or they never even matured. Sometimes the fruit fully develops, but is eat up with critters. The answer to most fruit problems is a spray schedule. I highly recommend obtaining a copy of our factsheet “FSA7503 Home Orchard Sprays”. You can easily find it on our uaex.edu website or call the office and we will mail you a copy.

Creating your own general purpose spray is an economical and environmentally friendly way to keep most pest at bay. Our recipe is found in the factsheet referenced above. Most fruit trees have a dormant (February), a pre-bloom (March), and a petal fall (April) spray for specific pests. The general mix is only recommended for the petal fall spray and should be repeated every 7-14 days until harvest and during wet weather. To learn more about home orchards, including varieties, contact your local extension office. The Pike Co. Cooperative Extension Office can be reached at 870-285- 2161 or uaex.edu/pike.


Terrell Davis
Pike County Extension Service, Staff Chair