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Elk Harvested in Little River County

Arkansas hunters harvested a record 55 elk during the 2016-17 hunting season, according to a report given by Wes Wright, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s elk program coordinator, at last week’s monthly Commission meeting. The record tally represented a 15 percent increase in harvest from the 2015 season and was the result of the statewide elk season established in 2016 to prevent further expansion of the herd.

Wright said that a hunter harvested one Elk in Little River County.

He says the elk harvested in Little River likely was an escaped animal from a captive facility, but Wright says DNA samples were taken to verify if it was linked to the Arkansas herd.

According to Wright, any deer hunter who happens to see an elk while hunting outside of the Core Elk Management Zone may legally take that elk with weapons legal for the season they are in.