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Howard Memorial Hospital Foundation Gala Results

According to HMH Foundation director, Amelia Moorer, the 2017 Fire and Ice Gala was a great success, generating $33,000 in net proceeds.  Each year, the foundation uses the proceeds from the gala to purchase items that will improve the hospital for the patients. This year, they will purchase several Hercules Patient Repositioning Systems to be used on beds in the patient care unit.

“The Hercules is amazing,” Moorer explains. “It fits on the beds we currently have and makes the patient experience less invasive and more comfortable while also keeping our nurses from injuries resulting from the tugging and pulling often needed to reposition their patients in the bed.”

Two marketing representatives from the Linet Company, the company from which the Foundation purchased three beds with gala proceeds in 2015, were guests at the gala.  When Moorer found out they could attend, she had an example of the bed that the Foundation had previously purchased fitted with the Hercules Patient Repositioning system and sent to the gala venue.

“Some guests arrived and looked at me a little crazy, like, ‘why is there a hospital bed at a formal event?’,” Moorer laughs, “But I felt like it was important for guests at the gala to see not only what their money had purchased in the past, but exactly what their money was going to purchase this year. Because the Linet representatives were there, they were able to give demonstrations with the bed and let everyone see how great this system is for both patient care and employee safety. And the Hercules really sells itself. I knew once people saw it, they would want it for Howard Memorial.”

Moorer credits the success of the gala to community and vendor support. Sponsors were able to choose which level of financial support they were most comfortable with and many of them went above and beyond this year.  “We try to give sponsors the credit they deserve but there really is no way to effectively express our appreciation for their help.  It’s important that people read the ads we place in newspapers or look at the sponsorship posts we make on social media accounts. I just wish everyone realized how important the community and HMH vendor sponsorships are to us.”

Moorer explains that one of the ways the community supports the gala is through their donations of items for the raffle and the break the ice prize pick, both of which are avenues to support the Foundation for gala guests.

“We had a fantastic selection of gifts this year. Our largest raffle prize was a trip for two sponsored by Nashville Rural Water, but there were many other great items.  The Break the Ice game was also really fun.  We had twenty numbers frozen in ice that corresponded to twenty prizes on display. Guests could purchase an ice cube, break it for their number and see what they won. They were guaranteed a prize but which prize they would go home with was the mystery. Combined with the raffle, we had over $7000 in items donated or sponsored.”

Raffle and prize donors included:  Nashville Animal Clinic, Bell Vision Center, Racquet and Jog, Nashville Rural Water, Pink Avenue, Mane Event, Blue Magnolia, Crete Cast, Husqvarna, Power Pharmacy, Ivan Smith, Cruizzers Car Wash, Trendsetters, Dillard’s Department Store, Pampered Chef Consultants Britni Fannin and Mica McIntosh, Farmer’s Insurance, Rodin and Fields consultant Mica McIntosh, Woods and Woods Accounting, Do Terra representative Morgan Howard, and Nashville Family Dentistry.

Moorer says that she has already started planning next year’s gala and hopes that everyone will make it a goal to attend.