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Nashville City Council Approves Public Works Projects

The city of Nashville is moving forward with a plan to upgrade the way water department employees read water meters.  At Tuesday’s city council meeting, Public Works Directory Larry Dunaway received approval to spend more than 30 thousand 750 dollars to purchase 48 meters and other equipment.  The new technology will emit a radio frequency and allow water crews to automatically obtain the meter readings as they drive through neighborhoods.  The switch over to the new system is likely to be a several process…as the city has more than two thousand water meters. The move is also expected to improve accuracy of the readings.

The water meter project was one of several topics Dunaway presented to council members.  Aldermen approved five resolutions related improvements at the water treatment plant.  The city had planned to obtain funding from Stephens Incorporated for the project…with an interest rate of 3.4 percent.  However, the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission stepped in and offered the city a loan at only 2.4 percent.  Even though the lower interest rate loan will be for a 20 year period..compared to a 15 year loan through Stephens, the city will still save approximately 180 thousand dollars on the project.

Dunaway also received approval from aldermen to spend over 14 thousand 400 dollars on a striping project for several city streets.  Some of the major streets will receive the new striping…including Main, 4th, Johnson, Cassady, Leslie, 8th, Pope, & Collins Road.

The project is expected to be done within a couple weeks.