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Nashville EAST Lab Students Learn About Dinosaur Tracks

Nashville High School EAST students met with paleontologist and geologist Dr. Jeff Pittman this week to learn more information about the dinosaur tracks found in our area. The students have been using virtual reality machines to record the few still existing tracks, according to facilitator Susan Renfrow.

Pittman discovered the first trackway in 1983 and it is believed to be the largest find of dinosaur trackways in the world. A field of five to ten thousand sauropod footprints were located in the gypsum rock.

U of A researchers discovered a dinosaur track site on the west side of the gypsum mine in 2011 about the size of two football fields. That site included the tracks of the Acrocanthosaurus (large predator/meat eater) and giant sauropods. Researchers believe the gypsum and limestone rock may extend from north of Nashville to near DeQueen.

The city park is still considering ways to enhance the dinosaur trackway for the public to view.