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Pike Co Cattlemen April Meeting Report

Pike County Cattlemen’s News Report, April 2017

Sweeden Inc and Pennington Seed sponsored the April Pike County Cattlemen’s Meeting.  The two businesses provided the BBQ brisket with chicken while the members brought the beans, potatoes, desserts, drinks, stuffed jalapenos, salad and other culinary delicacies.

Sweeden Inc representative, Glen Sweeden, presented a short program covering tractor maintenance.  Although Glen emphasized that they sell tractors and balers, he wanted to encourage farmers to follow the maintenance schedule and to conduct it correctly to minimize repairs and increase equipment longevity.  He first called attention to the importance of changing the fuel filter and recommended that this filter change should happen at every oil change.  He also addressed the importance of using the correct fluids including engine oil, hydraulic oil, antifreeze/coolant, fuel, and fuel additives.  In conclusion, Glen advised that for safety sake that operators use their seat belt on roll over protected tractors and not to blame the equipment for accidents caused by operator error.

Paul King, the Pennington Seed representative, promotes the better utilization of the land you have rather than leasing or buying more land.  The first step that he recommends is a test to determine soil pH of the field.  An application of lime to fields can be your best “fertilizer” if the pH is less than 7.  His following recommendations include preparing a firm seedbed and planting Pennington Seed varieties from Hempstead County Coop at a depth of no more than 1/8th inch along with appropriate and timely soil temperature, weed control, and fertilization according to the soil test.  Varieties for this area included Cheyenne II, Mohawk, and Tierra Verde Bermuda grasses; Durana and Patriot clovers for 150 lbs. of nitrogen soil enhancement; Texoma MaxQ II, non-toxic endophyte tall fescue; ryegrasses Pasterel Plus and Wintergrazer 70; and Wingmaster wild game mix as well as other varieties for wildlife.

Dr. Robert Bonner spoke about the new FDA rules from the previous administration related to medicated feeds for livestock.  He advised that the increased costs to cattle farmers who are current clients for a feed directive/prescription is a minimum of $100 minus the cost of a previous farm call within the current year to $190 for new clients.  This is for a directive for each distributor of the affected medicated feed.  Each new feed directive for the farm within a current year will cost $30.  He also noted that this rule change was not something that his veterinary practice supported and the rule does not affect injectables.

President Allmon finished the meeting with a drawing for door prizes and to announce the next meeting date for October 3.  Information about involvement with the Pike County Cattlemen’s Association is available from Jeremy Allmon, 870.285.5475 or Stanley Rhodes, 870.245.7800.