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Summer Heat Safety

Agencies like the National Weather Service and Nashville Police Department are warning residents of warmer temperatures and working to raise awareness about the dangers of heat stroke. Several incidents have been in the news concerning children left in hot vehicles. Even on a mild day, a child trapped in a hot car can die of a heat stroke in just minutes. On average, 38 children in the United States each year from heat-related deaths, after being trapped inside motor vehicles. Assistant Police Chief Amy Marion explains more.

The temperatures inside a vehicle can heat up very quickly. Southwest Arkansas Radio placed a thermometer inside a vehicle yesterday and during an overcast morning the temperature rose about 20 degrees in 30 minutes…however by mid-day and following, the temperature was well above 125 degrees. A child’s body can overheat 3 to 5 times faster than an adult. Always look before you lock and even if your an adult working outdoors, take plenty of breaks and drink lots of water.

Howard Memorial Hospital Auxiliary is also conducting a safety awareness program sponsored by the Arkansas Hospital Auxiliary Association. If you’d like more information on child vehicular heat stroke facts and receive a hanger you can put on your rearview mirror as a reminder, please stop by the hospital gift shop.