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UA Cossatot Lowers Tuition

University of Arkansas Cossatot lowered college tuition for out-of-state and non-resident students from $179.50 per credit hour to $100 per credit hour starting fall 2017.

The rate is now the lowest in the state.

The college hopes the $79.50 decrease will bring in more students from surrounding states.

“Historically our college has had one of the highest community college out-of-state tuitions in the state,” UA Cossatot Chancellor Steve Cole said.

“We found ourselves more than 100% higher than the state average, and we thought this was creating additional barriers for our out-of-state students. We are in the business of eliminating barriers, not maintaining them.”

A student who is not a resident of Arkansas can now attend UA Cossatot full-time for about $1,700 per semester verses $2,600. Students who are classified as out-of-state students may also be eligible for scholarships and border-county tuition exemptions, further lowering their cost of attendance.

An Arkansas resident from the college’s service area pays only $71 per credit hour, which is the fourth lowest college tuition rate in the state.

To enroll in fall classes, please visit www.cccua.edu/fall or call 800-844-4471.