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University of Arkansas Cossatot Out Performs Peers

In the National Center for Education Statistics 2017 IPEDS report, the University of Arkansas Cossatot sees success in key areas compared to similar colleges.

The 2017 Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) Feedback Report compares to 33 colleges across the nation. These peer institutions have similar missions that serve the same kind of students in comparable communities.

Compared to these colleges, UA Cossatot:
• On average, costs $2,700 less per year to attend
• On average, has a 21% higher retention rate
• Has a 24% higher graduation rate
• Has a 56% higher Latino graduation rate
• Spends more on instruction
• Spends more than double on academic support
• Spends 21% less on administration
According to UA Cossatot Chancellor Steve Cole, “We can provide one of the most affordable educations in the nation and yet still ensure that our students leave with a portable and usable education that leads to employment or transfer.”

“We promise to keep improving the student experience at UA Cossatot,” Dr. Cole included.

UA Cossatot has the third highest graduation rate in the state of Arkansas while operating on the third lowest budget in the state. Colleges in Arkansas that are included in this report were University of Arkansas Hope- Texarkana, South Arkansas Community College, and Arkansas Northeastern College.